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"Wild creatures should so inspire us. In each of them lies the grave responsibility of survival, not only of themselves, but of their whole species, and to this end they commit themselves completely. If we had the same sense of responsibility and commitment to our survival what a bright and beautiful future our earth home would have."

Dustie Meads - Webmaster


Here is a list of animal CLIPART GRAPHICS and PHOTOS you may find on this site, and if they aren't here yet, hopefully someday they will be.  It is my goal to eventually have an image of every animal on earth on this site for others to use....even if it takes my lifetime, and the lifetime of my 3 year old animal loving granddaughter!  Donations are welcome, if it's your own image and you don't mind sharing it.

Mammals Images: anteater antelope ape armadillo African wild dog baboon badger bat bear beaver bighorn bison boar  buffalo bull bunny burro camel capybara cat  chamois cheetah chimpanzee chinchilla chipmunk civet coati colt cougar cow coyote crocodile deer dingo doe dog donkey dormouse dromedary duckbill eland elephant elk ermine ewe fawn ferret fox gazelle gemsbok giraffe gnu goat gopher gorilla grizzly bear ground hog guinea pig hamster hare hedgehog hippopotamus hog horse hyena ibex impala jackal jaguar jerboa kangaroo kid kinkajou kitten koala koodoo lamb lemur leopard lion lizard llama lynx mare marmoset marten mink mole mongoose monkey moose mountain goat mouse mule musk deer musk-ox muskrat mustang ocelot okapi opossum orangutan oryx otter ox panda panther peccary pig platypus polar bear pony porcupine porpoise prairie dog pronghorn puma puppy rabbit raccoon ram rat reindeer rhinoceros seal sheep shrew silver fox skunk sloth  springbok squirrel stallion steer tapir tiger alrus warthog weasel whale dolphin river otter wildcat wolf wolverine wombat woodchuck yak zebra

Birds: crow, finch, macaw, mynah bird, peacock, golden pheasant, wood ducks, great blue heron, white egret, crested Crain, pelican, brown pelican, seagulls, grackle, pelican, puffin, parrot, parakeet, budgerigar, canary,  lovebird, hornbill, grebe

Reptiles & Amphibians: chameleon, rattlesnake, cobra, snakes, water moccasin, green snake, black mamba, green mamba, Gabon viper,  Red Eared Slider Turtles, Land Tortoise,  Western Painted Turtles, Soft Shelled Turtles, Dart frog, Bull Frog, frogs, gila monster,  newt,  salamander, toads,

Insects and Spiders: Wheel Bug, Praying Mantis, Brown Recluse Spider, Tarantula, Lady Bugs, Walking Stick, giant millipede, cockroaches, butterflies, dragonflies,

Fish: Sunfish, Tang, dragonettes, sea horses, starfish,

And maybe a few others I've missed listing with more being added on a regular basis.  Animal Clipart and Photos can be used everywhere.  All it takes is a bit of imagination on how to make use of a great animal photo or piece of animal clipart and your website, blog, advertisement, term paper, power point production, or poster will come alive! The only limits are the ones you put yourself!